The focus is on the human being in her/his professional role or as an employee.

Our concepts are oriented towards individual leadership skills. They start with individual career and personality development.

Our coaching will help you

  • reflect on individual issues of leadership
  • in decision processes
  • in difficult situations
  • in times of crisis
  • optimize one's own work methods and work organization
  • to avoid burn-out phenomena
  • to prepare for negotiations, presentations, conflict conversations, missions abroad
  • to improve the work-life balance
  • determine your location and plan your further career
  • after 360 degree feedback and with subsequent  measures

Coaching is a personal as well as process-oriented support. The participant will develop a new perspective through mirroring, feedback, and confrontation. Exchange with a neutral third party helps people help themselves. The objective is to be aware of one's own situation and to recognize one's own part in it. Responsibility is reinforced in order to rediscover one's own scope for development and to re-understand and keep it. Clarifying critical situations extend the coachee’s view and scope of action.

We are your companions. We support the coachee in rising to reality and strengthening the inherent competencies through our interventions and methods.

Our Principles:
Respectful clarity first, beauty later.
A little humor goes a long way, in particular in development processes.