A story of inspiration and perspectives.

This actually happened:
buisness cooperation became an inspired partnership.

It all began with similar desires, similar needs and an unexpected opportunity.

ISOCEL was founded in Bordeaux, France in 1982.
TRILOGIE was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2002.
The both had the desire to work together with their customers in order to provide sustainable solutions for difficult situations. After a while, they discovered that they needed to expand beyond their regional borders in order to maintain their successful positions and to grow within their markets.

It came to be, that they both independently developed a relationship with the same internationally operating company. Thanks to an exciting oppertunity offered by their common customer, TRIOGIE and ISOCEL took on their first transnational project in 2005. This was an immediate inspiration for all those involved. Since then this cooperarion has evolved into a successful and commited partnership with unexpected perspectives.

ISOCEL and TRILOGIE are dedicated to serving their customers in international and intercultural environments. Let our proven skills and experiences help you write your next success story.

TRILOGIE and ISOCEL - inspiring perspectives.