Development programs for employees and executives

If you want to shape the development of your company actively, TRILOGIE is the professional partner at your side. Together with you, TRILGOIE develops a systematic concept for the sustainable development of your executives, junior executives or your employees. Our training modules and workshops are tailored to your corporate objectives and to each individual participant, and here is where the key competencies and skills of conflict resolution and leadership are further developed. The design of the programs is such, that a clear implementation of what has been learned in everyday practice is promoted as well as specifically requested.
The goal is a systematic development of existing competencies and new skills. This includes self-reflection of one’s own role, raising awareness of one’s own values and attitudes, promoting identification, assuming self-responsibility and expansion of the capacity for action. In addition, we support you in establishing the appropriate instruments (employee conversations, feedback procedures, etc.), which require and ensure the development of these competencies.
Together with TRILOGIE, you actively promote commitment and effectiveness in your company. You can significantly expand identification and interlinking in your company with us. Hereby, corporate visions and values are actually implemented and lived.
TRILOGIE teaches and establishes the methods in your company in such a way that your managers and employees are enabled, to apply what they have learned to their daily work life and to support each other in this.
This means:
We make your company independent of consulting services.