Mind the gap


A communication gap often exists between reportable department heads and management. The managing directors expect the management circle (the department heads) to act independently as managers, but in turn, they often wait for clear “announcements from the boss”. These differences especially come to light after a change of managing directors. This is where accompanying management circles makes sense. Similar challenges include a change process, increased growth in the company or the goal of establishing a uniform leadership culture.

Changes in the framework conditions mean that those management circles directly operating under the Board of Directors or management board must quickly reinvent and clearly position themselves. Especially since this new situation has to be stringently communicated to the managers to follow. It is now essential that the management circle fulfills, as quickly and thoroughly as possible, its backbone role within the company.

Accompaniment by TRILOGIE is then particularly meaningful and supportive, if between the members of the management group something is unspoken or if conflicts already exist.