Personality self-assessment as eLearning

The Riemann-Thomann-Test

Today we would like to familiarize you with the topic “eLearning” as well as with the possibility of self-discovery, which we often use during our training course.

Why eLearning? This is a question one can rightly ask.

The counterquestion is: Why spend valuable training time filling out questionnaires?

We have developed the e-learning “Riemann-Thomann-Test” so that participants in a training course, in which this test – we prefer to call it “self-assessment” – is used, can go through it before training and we can immediately start using the results in the training course.

Try it out: Simply check out the website

In eLearning, you have the option of completing the test using an Excel file, which gives you the option of printing out your results. You can also opt for the mobile version, which requires no explanations at all, but can be used on any smartphone.

You can also access the mobile version directly at

Have fun trying it out! We look forward to your feedback!