Potential Analysis

Have you any unlocked potential in your company? Is there a way to boost the commitment of top performers? Is it possible to detect areas of improvement for your executives and junior executives with regard to a strategic focus of your company and to develop these?

TRILOGIE is your professional partner when it comes to Potential Analysis

We carry out Potential Analyses and Management Audits on your behalf. We use reliable and effective instruments to assess the potential of your staff and to determine any needs for development. You get a picture of your (junior) executive crew and all participants receive a sound location determination with recommendations for further development.

Benefits for Human Resources
. Overview of present potential, top performers, and underperformers in your company
. Dramatically improved decision-making in Human Resources (new hires, promotions)
. Promotions will be perceived as more just and well-deserved
. Issues such as personnel development, career development and individual promotion are valorized
. Professional development will not be carried out according to the 'watering-can-principle' but when and where necessary and for particular reasons

Benefits for Participants:
. Location determination: Feedback on strengths and weaknesses
. Realistic assessment of self-perception through confrontation with perception by others
. Impetus for further personal development
. Practical simulation provides participants with realistic advance information about the target position
. The risk to take on a wrong position is reduced

We accompany you through the whole process of potential analysis: from describing the positions and requirements and internal observers to carrying out the actual analysis and feedback interviews.