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Professional development is an individual process. With TRILOGIE you have a wide line of seminars with proven concepts at your fingertips. Before conducting in-house seminars, TRILGOIE discusses and coordinates the contents with you during a consulting phase. This way TRILOGIE ensures that the seminars are specifically designed to meet the structures, objectives and needs of your company and those of the participants.

All of our coaches possess specialized skills and diverse training. Therefore, appropriate models and methodology can be chosen and used flexibly in the seminars. We focus on the participants and not a model or a method.

TRILOGIE always works situation-specific and participants-oriented.
TRILOGIE recommends carrying out the seminars with a small number of participants.
This ensures sufficient time and opportunity to work individually on the case studies of each participant, thus supporting the transfer and application of skills.

Practical relevance is top priority for TRILOGIE. Our coaches understand themselves as initiators for your employees. They point out potentials to participants and provide stimulation to develop their own solutions, to implement them and to take responsibility for their development process and their working environment. This is how TRILOGIE can optimally support the autonomous and efficient work of your employees.

Interval training
People need time for their behavior to change. Therefore, TRILOGIE recommends in some contexts interval training. After a basic training, half- or full-day follow-up sessions will take place after a few weeks, in which participants can reflect on their experiences. The results of the practice tasks that have been worked on in the meantime can be discussed in the group. This way, the participants receive personal feedback and further input by the coaches. This approach ensures that the process of change in one's own behavior and actions is kept alive and not -as is most often the case - is lost in everyday work life.
Talk to us. We develop tailor-made seminars in compact form or modular design - together with you to meet your needs.